at home service

How it works:

 Book an “At Home Service” appointment with us which will last approx. 1hr/1.5hr at your address. 

Pay a booking fee of $500 to confirm your appointment.  This fee is redeemable against any flowers purchased during the At Home Service.  However it is non-refundable should you cancel your appointment within 48hrs of the scheduled time.  

We will bring our flowers (you can give us any preferences when you book), and vases if necessary.  During the appointment we can make your bespoke flower arrangement, although obviously for larger arrangements we may need to make a follow-up visit.


The At Home service is currently free of charge.  You pay only for the flowers/vases that you keep.  Prices for the flowers will be the same as on our website and we will give you the price for any vases you wish to purchase or would like us to source for you.

 The $500 booking fee will be deducted from the final invoice against any flowers purchased of the same value; i.e there is a minimum spend of $500*.

 If we need to return for a follow-up visit (larger projects), source any specific vase, or take the arrangement off-site to complete, the arrangement will be subject to an extra charge. This extra charge will be quoted directly to the customer before it is incurred.

How to get the most out of your At Home appointment: 

We really care about getting it right. The more information you can give us prior to the appointment, the more we can prepare and bring you a personalised selection of faux flowers.

If you can give us basic details such as flower preferences and colour preferences on the booking form, this already heads us in the right direction.

Other things to consider:

– Are you considering more than one arrangement? If so, how many?

– What is the location of your planned arrangement? Entrance hall/sideboard/bathroom/side table/dining table

– Try and send us a picture of the room/area where you would like your new vase/arrangement to go.

– Do you need a vase(s) or do you have your own?

– If you have your own vase, please email us a picture with height and diameter in cm.

*E.G If the final invoice is less than $500, no monies will be reimbursed.  If no flowers are purchased, no monies will be reimbursed.  If the final invoice is $600, the amount due, after the deduction of booking fee, will be $100.